Adventures of the Skogar Þrostur

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Vinland Longships is based in Connecticut, USA. We research and reenact Viking-age culture, sailing and skills. Terry and Janet have organized educational demonstrations on Viking ships and Viking life, crafts and culture for the Smithsonial Museum of Natural History, the Norwegian Embassy and the American Swedish Museum, among many others. They taught docents at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and have travelled to L'Anse aux Meadows, Canada, St. Petersberg, Russia and up and down the east coast educating people about Viking ship construction, navigation and history. We have studied Viking ships and sailing at the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum in Denmark.

We are available for educational demonstrations at mueums, schools and for Scandinavian, Celtic, Scottish or Irish celebrations and boat festivals.

The Skogar Þroster is our 22-foot faering (four oared) boat. She is based on the smallest of the boats buried with the Gokstad Ship in Norway in the late 9th Century. She carries four oars, a mast and a square sail. Though she is fully sea-worthy, we frequently display her on land while we explain to guests the sailing capabilities of Viking ships, their construction and how the development of their ships saw the Scandinavians of Norway, Sweden and Denmark become the largest colonial influence in the world between the Roman Empire and the discoveries of Columbus.